Thursday, November 8, 2012


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A wise person once told me , 'In order to survive in this business you need a team'. as for me , the streets were the way i grew up,but i wasn't a fan. i new the only way i could stay focused on getting out the hood was to have a goal in life to keep my head in the right direction instead of doing the wrong. along came a gift from my father , which is the only thing i could probably thank him for , poetry.i didn't care who thought i had talent or not, it just felt right doing it. i took my lyrics to the next level and started recording, mixing is what interests me the most. for future reference fans, i will always be using the slogan "you started from the bottom". i wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't true. everything i know now , is everything i taught myself. there will never be a duplicate of what i stand for and if you think there is indeed someone equivalent to me , smoke another one. p.s each year becomes a wiser development, its called experience.

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